Friday, 16 March 2012

Just because I can


Niles said...

Ah, the 'It wasn't an endangered species, so why does anyone care I killed your dog, which I didn't because I wasn't there and no one saw me do it, besides it barked and howled all night long at me while I was playing the tuba in the backyard and you threw a snowball at *my* dog and you owe me for repairing the dents in my tuba I got when I fell over it in the my backyard...about the same time your dog went quiet' part of things that makes one ponder why the Conservatives are trying SO HARD to divert attention and downplay the damage done.

Beijing York said...

We can't let them divert attention.

I think there are too many Canadians that are really frightened by this and want to see the issue die a quiet death. Think about it - accepting the fact that we currently have in place a government that may very well have used tactics usually associated with tinpot dictatorships is shocking. Admitting that we might have just experienced a bloodless coup - by incremental cuts dating back to the 2006 election - might make the heads of those who slavishly love the status quo explode.

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