Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Conservative View of Unreported Crime

From a Star story dated August 3, 2010 (emphasis mine).

Opposition critics are scratching their heads over Stockwell Day's claim that Canada needs more prisons in part because many crimes go unreported.

Day, president of the Treasury Board, was asked Tuesday why the Conservative government intends to spend billions of dollars on expanding prisons at a time of falling crime.

“People simply aren't reporting the same way they used to,” he responded. “I'm saying one statistic of many that concerns us is the amount of crimes that go unreported. Those numbers are alarming and it shows that we can't take a liberal view to crime.”

The old questions arise: What did they know? And when did they know it?


Anonymous said...

Unreported crime is akin to the "silent majority".
In other words ; it cannot be tabulated or comfimed.

rww said...

Building jails for the perpetrators of unreported crimes is like building gazebos for imaginary friends.

Anonymous said...

The Robocall issue is bigger than any have been led to believe; Why else would the conservatives required increases in jails when other crime statistics are on the way down.

If Businessmen ran their businesses like the conservatives handle policy, we would see a vast array of Edsel products on the market, since there is a vast unreported demand for Edsels.

BemusedLurker (keep it up, the stings are having an effect)

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