Monday, 5 March 2012

Clueless Duh Monstro: ^NOT our playbook

Bwahaha! The snarky Twitter hashtage and the Clue game is used by Alison in her post at Creekside: It was Mr. Creosote on the Front Porch with a chequebook.

Go read. Pay attention to the part where CPC MPs refused to provide additional investigative powers to Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand so that he can do his job, in a secret vote by members of PROC parliamentary committee a week ago.

Strategically played, CONs.

I want a legal inquiry, one that will force Guy Giorno and Jenni Byrne to tell the truth or perjure themselves.


the regina mom said...

I'm with you on the call for a legal inquiry. Anything else will be powerless to put a stop to these kinds of attacks on democracy.

Beijing York said...

Same here. I want to see the Harper Conservatives ™ twisting in the wind trying to get out of this.

Alison said...

The problem is, Stevie will never call for an inquiry or at least one that isn't a lap dog. Who else can? What about the Senate or the GG? Does the Supreme Court have any jurisdiction?

liberal supporter said...

Looks like Rae's pwned them again.

Not leaving it at tit for tat "I'll show mine if you show yours", he's doing the Obama method, going way more than halfway, which make's the other side's refusal to give an inch look even worse.

Janice said...

If we do not deal with this situation adequately, the cheating will continue, only it will be worse, cleverer and harder to detect. If Canadians fail to react, Harper will cheat his way through the next election. Passive stupidity and the complacent assumption that Canada is immune from the terrible things happening in other countries will lead us to an evil fate.

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