Thursday, 8 March 2012

Beyond STFU!

Stephen Harper

This is another chapter in the PMSHithead "Yippee ki-way mother f**ker!" saga.

Do you remember how, not so long ago, Senator Nancy Ruth Jackman got herself into one hot mess because she suggested to indignant women's organizations who felt threatened by the Harper government's big Stalinist boot that they should STFU?

That was pre-G8 and G20 police rule.

So if you heard on the news that an environmental activist was visited by the RCMP, days after he phoned up the Harper Politburo PMO to express his concern, you'd guess he was some mouthy 20-something radical, right?

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Beijing York said...

Disgusting. Amazing that this PoS is actually making Mulroney look like a class act. That takes some doing.

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