Thursday, 2 February 2012

When Pharmaceutical Companies Fuck Up

Ooo, with all the bad publicity swirling around the Komen Kaper and its sneaky withdrawal of funding for Planned Parenthood, the timing of this is kinda ironic.

Pfizer is recalling one million birth control packs because the pills may have ineffective levels of hormones in them or be in the wrong order.

What to do?
If you’ve been taking one of the recalled pills, check the lot number on the package to see if it’s one that’s been recalled. Both Pfizer and the Food and Drug Administration have posted the lot numbers.

If you discover you have been taking pills from an affected lot, “assume that you do not have any birth control protection,” advises Dr. Kristen Eckler, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and instructor at Harvard Medical School.

If you’ve had sexual intercourse in the last few days, Eckler says, she would “strongly encourage” you use emergency contraception as soon as possible if you want to avoid an unintended pregnancy. Plan B, available without a prescription to those 17 and older, is effective up to three days after unprotected sex, while prescription ella works up to five days afterward.

When you return your recalled pills to your pharmacy, you could obtain a new pack and start taking pills right away, Eckler says. You might have some minor breakthrough bleeding, breast tenderness or digestive tract upset, she says, but those should pass in a few days.

Because you can’t be sure where you are hormonally, Eckler says, you “absolutely have to use a barrier method (a male or female condom) during that first new pill pack.”

Gee, I wonder where all those panicking responsible women are going to get Plan B?

Because, you know, to the Fetus Lobby only sluts have unintended pregnancies.


Niles said...

According to the poster boy for the Hypocritarchy, Rick Santorum, a pregnancy from rape is just Gawd's (I refuse to use Gord; even if Pinsent and Howe might qualify) way of letting a woman know she's part of the holy Ghost plan, just...using a proxy instead of direct Heavenly injection, and the only response a woman should have is gratitude.

So, in this instance, are we to believe that Gawd is just having an abusive bf day where He switches out his gf's birth control pills to control her? Certainly, we'll be hearing from the Usual Suspects something in that vein.

Even as we hear, no doubt, from the company in question that women who were ONLY using the pill weren't serious enough in their contraceptive practises and the company shouldn't be held responsible for any subsequent unplanned pregnancies and don't look for them to support the resulting lifeform should the woman not abort.

k'in said...

Can't imagine Pfizer fucking up a million Viagra pills in the good ole home of the brave. Sad state of affairs where boner drugs for dudes that can't get it up trump women's need for trustworthy birth control.

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