Friday, 17 February 2012

Today's Weasel Award

Back here, we found a conveeenient connection between the Knights of Columbus who were looking for an anti-choice MP to push their fetal rights agenda and -- SURPRISE! -- a member of the KoC and current stalking horse for the Hidden Agenda® Stephen Woodworth. I said I'd ask him on Twitter and I did.

First, the acronym defeats him.

And he clearly hasn't had the grace (or wit) to read the link. I try to help out.

Next, he goes all McCarthy-esque (with some Freudian lingerie showing in 'Knoghts'?) on my ass. Still clearly NOT having read the link.

His aw-shuxing doesn't go over well.

Nor his McCarthy refs.

And now Woodworth again. Not answering questions, aw-shuxing it up -- while respectfully flinging red-scare poo -- WINS today's Weasel Award with:

I think I'm done with direct contact with the guy.

Now imagine him on a Standing Committee on Abortion. With Trost, Vellacott, McVety. . .



Niles said...

He's a staunch anti-choice catholic who doesn't know what the Knights of Columbus would be, when it's one of the premier networking systems for catholic men? Ok then. I am mean spirited enough take avoidance of an answer as yes, he's a member of the order. The Knights are very firmly run out of its US supreme HQ (their words, not mine. I dare you to play the videos.

Also too, focused on...what policy? Mere backbenchers make policy?

Don't be done with him! Ask him if he'd make women take a transvaginal ultrasound to find out if their foetus qualifies for human status!

Of course, someone might have taken the mic away from him by now.

Beijing York said...

Also too, focused on...what policy? Mere backbenchers make policy?

That is an excellent question, Niles. If his bill is about starting a discussion, how can there be a policy already in place?

fern hill said...

You two, Niles and Beijing York, should get Twitter accounts.

I did pose Niles's question about the ultrasound. No answer yet.

I'll go back and ask the policy one.

Niles said...

If he answers you, I'd be both surprised and admiring of his ability to keep touching a hot burner on the stove.

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