Monday, 13 February 2012

Creekside: Skynet - It's all about the children apparently

Go read Alison at Creekside: Skynet - It's all about the children apparently if only because it's entertaining to hear the adulterer Vic Toews lecture to us about the "rights of law-abiding" citizens being subsumed to our Crusading CONtempt Party government's right to trample on our privacy.

ADDED by fh: On Twitter, Canadian Cynic linked to this oldie but goodie, when Dan Savage called for a new definition of 'Toews'. We never did settle on one, did we?

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Niles said...

It's the initial confusion of Toews being pronounced Taves. It looks like it should be 'tews' as in 'trews'. or 'toes'. Demmed vowel shifts 'n furrinority that's what it is. I blame Chaucer.

I would suggest...

"Toews ('teivz):

Originally - 'soft, pale male human unable to comprehend unselfish thoughts' ex: "He was being extremely Toewes-headed that day when he called the decision of the provincial NDP to ban protests outside abortion clinics as 'almost unbelievable'."

Modern: To probe wildly into something intimate to others without adequate legal license or reasonable covering, while blaming others for one's actions.

See also: 'bareback', 'adulterer', 'hypocrite' 'don't make this guy a judge when he's on the appointment committee *and* espousing this view'.

Use in a sentence: "Don't Toews me, bro!"

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