Sunday, 1 January 2012

Yes, it's New Year's, but this is DJ, so...

...this year's inaugural post is about something!

What is that something? That something is an excellent comment by sooey at DrDawg's place:
Their argument against Muslims seems to come down to a fear of their numbers and is refueled every time any vaguely/possibly Muslim person commits a crime (thereby expanding their numbers exponentially). But "invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" is only prong one of a two-pronged strategy against Muslim demographics. Prong two is an attack on Feminism. The goal is to discredit Feminism and roll back progress on abortion rights for women - here. Mark Steyn/David Warren, even Ezra Levant in his marketing strategy for tarsands development, ultimately blame western Feminists for what they claim is a Muslim threat to civilization. To them, I'm a traitor because I support the right of Canadian women to terminate pregnancy. Their real war is against Feminism.

That's right. Islamophobia is joined at the hip with white natalist paranoia. Natalism is always and everywhere the obverse of the racist coin (including---especially!---racism with a communalistic flavour like Islamophobia). It is both the origin and the conclusion of racist thinking.

Natalism is one of feminism's ultimate enemies. That's why it's so unintentionally funny when racists of the LevantSibleyWarrenSteyn human centipede chain claim that "The Left" is endangering women's rights by not being full-throated supporters of anti-Muslim wars. Because their logical solution, the sine qua non of their entire ideology, is that women must be more pregnant, and are not doing enough because feminism has given them the opportunity to choose otherwise. The only solution is to reduce those gains---which was what they claimed, with crocodile tears, was the reason to fear Muslims...

If racism and natalism are two sides of the same coin, then natalism's polishing agent is glurge. That, incidentally, is why DJ has such a strict anti-glurge policy.

And, on that note, Happy New Year's. May the world's 2012 suck less than 2011 did. Don't hold your breath, though.


fern hill said...

Hey, Namó Mandos! Nice to see your electrons again.

Happy glurge-free New Year to you too.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

the LevantSibleyWarrenSteyn human centipede chain


Happy New Year, Mandos!

Beijing York said...

That is an excellent observation by sooey. Lots of food for thought.

deBeauxOs said...

Magnificent post, Mandos.

You've nailed the centipede's tiny stamping feet to the ground.

What a fucking bunch of regressive gynophobes those Contemptuous reformaTories are.

sooey said...

They're a reactionary cabal of self-loathing Canadian / American tea party wannabes.

Jymn said...

Thanks for the perceptive comment, sooey. I'll go even further and say their real war is against freedom, a term they throw around but know absolutely nothing about what it means.

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