Wednesday 4 January 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion: Canadian Blog Awards 2011

Just a reminder: The Canadian Blog Awards final round voting is on.

DAMMIT JANET! is pleased that we made the cut in two categories: feminism and collaborative/multi-author.

In a way, I'm not terribly surprised by the feminism category. After all, we here at DJ!, as well as several other good bloggers, had been bitching and shrieking about the dumb-ass handling of this apparently terrifically controversial matter for years. Or put more diplomatically:
I’d also like to thank Fern Hill for fighting vigilantly to return the Feminism category to the Blog Awards.

But I'm really chuffed by the Best Collaborative/Multi-Author Blog nomination.

When deBeauxOs and I started this blog over three years ago, it was just the two of us. We soon gained anne cameron (sadly for us, too taken up by RL stuff to blog) and Beijing York (whom we are secretly trying -- unsuccessfully so far -- to persuade to return to blogging). More recently, we gave the keys to the castle to frequent and pithy commenters, Niles and Námo Mandos.

We are a mixed bunch to be sure. Some form of feminism is the only criterion for membership to this *elite* club. Well, and wit and bullshit-detecting and good writing and sanity also figure prominently in our entry rules.

Not to mention high tolerance for the swears.

Despite that, we are good on the multi-stuff: -ethnic, -linguistic, -gender-like thingies, -geographic . . .

So, as I say, I'm chuffed.

Note: You can vote only once this year in the final round, unlike last year when you could vote once a day. *sob* Voting ends January 20, 2012. Go check out the candidates and vote.


Beijing York said...

Shucks, fern - you made me blush. Maybe 2012 is the year for a comeback :-)

And congrats for the well deserved nominations.

fern hill said...

Yee-hee-hee. My evul plan is working. :D

Niles said...

I'm not so sure about the sane on my part. Apparently I am not sentient enough to both explore the net and remain unattacked by virii. My machine blew its bytes...-again-.

I've apparently missed some good stuff in the meantime.

PS: Could someone please ask Ms DeBee to resend me the email address she sent me on a private communication?

fern hill said...

Niles, you can email her yourself. Address in her profile over there on the right.

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