Friday, 6 January 2012

Privatising Thatcher's Funeral - a fitting tribute to her legacy.

This is brilliant. From here:
The Iron Lady herself would surely agree that poor taxpayers should not be further burdened in these times of austerity. [...] It can be a fitting tribute to her ideological legacy.Let me be clear: it's isn't nice to wish death on most people, and I'm not doing that here for Thatcher. She deserves a degree of respect like other people, in my view, despite what she did as prime minister.

Surely the serious point behind this petition is to ask how far ideologues are willing go. Wouldn't Thatcher prefer the first privatised funeral instead of a state one? After all, why go out on a state subsidy?
Private industries and businesses secured MASSIVE profits and benefits for their shareholders when Thatcher privatized most of the public services in Britain. They should show their pockets-deep gratitude when the time comes.

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Beijing York said...

Definitely a fitting legacy. And let's see how many bums they get into seats on that event.

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