Friday, 27 January 2012

NatPo: We declare this debate OPEN!

Today, we have entries 12 and 13 in NatPo's ongoing campaign to 'Open the Abortion Debate' since Chief Fetus Lobbyist Stephen Woodworth's opening salvo on Dec. 21 last year.

First up, a straight report on yesterday's poll on sex-selective abortion.

Next, Chris Selley on Canada's abortion hypocrisy. He compares 'sex selection' (very very bad) with 'family balancing' (good) and points out that they are the same fucking thing. Except that we get to wag fingers at Deepak and Sanjana as culturally backward, as opposed to applaud Dick and Jane as technologically advanced.

Read the comments. The racists, sexists, prudes, and misogynists are STOKED.

And this is why we say again: Fuck the Debate. Nothing good can come of it.


JJ said...

Supposedly this "issue" has "hit a nerve". Why's that? How is sex selection as a reason for an abortion any more the business of anyone but the individual woman involved than any other reason?

People need to get over their egocentricity and stop projecting what "they" would or wouldn't do on everyone else. Whatever a woman's reason for terminating might be, it's nobody's damn business but hers.

fern hill said...

Yabbut, JJ, the anti-feminists think they got a real gotcha here.

'How can feminists support the murder of pre-born women?'

And yesterday's vastly improved variant by Ezra LeRant, substituting 'pre-born women' with 'baby women'.

I get so confused. 'Baby women' v. 'baby mama'.

JJ said...

Yes, their concern for women is heart-warming *eyeroll* When they show the same concern for the missing women in Vancouver or the Highway of Tears, I might even consider thinking about possibly buying it. This supposed "gotcha" falls flat in the face of reality.

This whole 'issue' is just New & Improved anti-choice agit-prop, now with a generous dollop of racism!

bazie said...

The whole sex selection thing is just a hook. They pick a way in which they think abortion can be said to be "wrong", even if it is irrelevent in Canada, and pray someone makes the false association that therefore abortion in general is wrong.

Niles said...

"hit a nerve" seems to translate as the classic 'arguing with conservatives' script.

The comments at NatPoo seem to be an eager congregation of Mens Rights Activists and pro-forced pregners whistled up by the phrase 'evil feminists', but there seems to be an undertone of the MRA trying to comment over the heads of the pro-forced pregners to other MRAs because they might catch female cooties if they actually engaged in alliance.

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