Friday, 6 January 2012

Enterprising US bidness!

Manufacturing industries, once the foundation of the US economy, have shipped all their jobs offshore but not all is lost since this type of business ingenuity still flounders flourishes south of the 49th parallel.
[...] here's the most upsetting new service we've heard about in a long time: a company offers to search your wife or girlfriend's panties for semen, then DNA-test it to see if she's cheating on you. Oh, and you can also use this service on your daughter. [...]

The real piece de resistance of creepiness, though, is Infidelity DNA Testing's suggestion that you use its semen detection service to find out if "your daughter is having sex." Because having your child's panties analyzed is definitely a better option than talking to her about sex.
From here.

I can only shudder and imagine how some of the stage mothers pimping their daughters at girls' beauty pageants will use this service for leverage, to identify and blackmail pedophile judges.

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That's extremely creepy.

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