Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Those Pesky Rights Thingies

When barbarians invade our legislatures and pass rights-crushing laws, our only recourse is the courts.

In the US, ReThuglicans have been merrily enacting laws intended, at the very least, to chip away at women's reproductive rights, and in the cases of 'heartbeat' laws to confront Roe v. Wade directly.

But some ReThugs may be having second thoughts about the astronomical costs of defending them in the courts. Especially since they usually lose on constitutional grounds.
As Republican-majority legislatures this year have passed new limits on abortion, some states are now paying mounting cots for litigation as those laws are challenged on constitutional and other grounds. The American Civil Liberties Union has promised to sue if the [Ohio] heartbeat bill passes.

The article goes on to detail some of the costs already incurred and funds being set up to defend new laws.

Naturally, the Fetus Lobby is unfazed by millions of taxpayer dollars blown on indefensible attempts to infringe on women's rights.

One goes further -- blaming the victims.
Mary Kay Culp, state executive director at Kansans for Life, noted that no state money would have to be spent if groups like Planned Parenthood didn't sue.

Bad Planned Parenthood! Bad American Civil Liberties Union! Forcing states to pony up to protect the fantasies of the Fetus Lobby!

And of course, as any Canadian CBC-hater will tell you, using ALL taxpayers' money. Even those who don't agree!

Meanwhile, in the formerly sane country now known as Harperland, Jason (Promoter of Vatican Sharia) Kenney is handling this week's Bright Shiny Thing File with his proposal to strip niqab-wearing women.

Is he worried about legal consequences?

Heck, no.
Speaking on CHQR, a Calgary-based Conservative radio show Monday morning, Mr. Kenney said he isn’t worried about legal objections to the ban.

“I’m sure they’ll trump up some stupid Charter of Rights challenge. That’s democracy. They’re welcome to object,” he told host Dave Rutherford.

Not only 'bad' Charter of Rights. 'STUPID' Charter of Rights.

This is how the 1% thinks of the rest of us. Bad and stupid when we try to assert and defend our rights.

The only way I can think of to fight back is to donate to the fighters.

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