Thursday, 1 December 2011

Move along now.

So. This morning Con Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said the families of murder victims (and "lifelong victims' right advocate"?) can now STFU "move on with their lives".

That would be just ducky with us if it meant Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu would now be shutting his lying yap.

Oh. Wait. Boisvenu holds one of those Harper-appointed patronage-awarded Senate Seats, right? And the Cons' Hard-On Crime Bill C-10 must pass through the Upper Chamber shortly.

That means he still has some water-carrying to do for Stevie's Contempt Party and their reformaTory cronies.

Nonetheless it does seem those set props tearful survivors of crime victims the Politburo/PMO once regularly trotted out for photo ops with PMSHithead have joined the growing ranks of the unemployed.


Anonymous said...

But, Harper's tough on crime, does not apply to him, nor his thieving, corrupt Conservative ministers.

I mean, fifty million of our tax dollars thieved for asinine gazebos. One billion for a stupid fake lake. While our F.N. citizens are living in extreme poverty, freezing to death. The beautiful baby girl that died because of, a useless health care system for the F.N. family's. F.N. children who, have to keep their winter jackets on in school, to keep warm.

Harper controls the judicial system. So of course, Nicholson would say, move along here. Been here ,done that. Case closed. This is Harper's fascist dictatorship in action.

Beijing York said...

There not so loud and mighty about victims' rights when those victims are homeless women, either. I read that there is no money to help return the body of the Winnipeg woman who was shot in Toronto the other night - her family is too poor to handle the costs.

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