Tuesday 6 December 2011

Degrees of anti-semitism

It would seem that using fear and hate, to influence people and to rally their support is gaining ground in surprising ways.

For example Steven Weiss, a reporter for The Jewish Channel drew attention to a US campaign created and disseminated by the Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption which has been warning Israelis against befriending or marrying American Jews. One of the short television ads which was withdrawn after American journalists and bloggers brought attention to it, shows a young woman living with a man who might be Jewish-American. The guy doesn’t understand why his Israeli girlfriend is sad. From here:
“They will always remain Israelis,” the announcer says in Hebrew. “Their partners may not understand what they’re talking about.” After receiving tips from viewers across the U.S., Weiss collected together several of these ads last month, announcing that “a concerted effort is targeting Israeli expatriates in at least five cities to convince them that their heritage will be lost if they don’t soon leave America to go back to Israel.”

The campaign [...] uses every technique imaginable to make Israelis feel that their identity is in danger. One billboard urges people to leave America before their children start calling them “daddy” instead of addressing them in Hebrew. In another TV commercial, an Israeli couple is appalled to discover that their American-raised granddaughter thinks that she’s supposed to celebrate Christmas. The message is clear: Jews born and raised in America might just as well be goyim.
And thus, the enemy.

This *fear-and-loathing* mindset would explain why, according to BCL, a group of islamophobic anti-feminist pseudo-christians are gleefully anticipating a violent confrontation at the December 6th Memorial events held at the University of Toronto. DrDawg continues the analysis here.

The Jewish Defense League exploits the massacre of 14 women at La Polytechnique for their own purpose: to attack the Toronto and District School Board for allegedly "allowing radical Islam" into their schools or at least, that is the JDL fear and hate-mongering claim.

Good move, JDL. You're playing according to the Contempt Party game book. Divide and conquer.

Update: It should come as no surprise that R.E.A.L.Women sympathizer & NatPo prevaricator Barbara Kay gets all shrieeeeky today.


Dr.Dawg said...

I would have left a comment at the Singed Minge's place, but apparently I'm banned from commenting there.

Which is odd, because I've been unfailingly civil in the past--if firm.

I would have asked him if he planned to join Fred Phelps on his next funeral picket. But never mind.

K'Shoshana said...

"Ministry of Immigrant Absorption which has been warning Israelis against befriending or marrying American Jews"

Where on earth did the campaign ever such a thing? I recognize my hebrew is limited, but its not that limited.

deBeauxOs said...

K'Shoshana, I suggest you direct your concern towards Steven Weiss who reported on the ad campaign for The Jewish Channel.

It appears some of the adverts have been pulled as some American Jews were offended by the campaign created by Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. The link is provided in the blogpost.

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