Saturday, 24 December 2011

Con Jobs are planning to criminalize abortion - again.

Yesterday, picking up on the posts here at DJ! about Contempt Party MP Stephen Woodworth, DrDawg produced an important overview of the Con Jobs' ongoing attempts to re-criminalize abortion.

It's interesting that the reformaTory tacticians did not choose to include the first shot across that bow in their new Hard-On Crime omnibus bill C-10. After all, they could have bludgeoned yet again Parliamentary tradition to pass it without debate.

Ah, but you see, the Contempt Party's overweening arrogance requires a game plan that reframes reality. In accordance with their ideological premise, it's called "re-opening the abortion debate".

As Beijing York points out:
They are also repackaging/rebranding broad cuts to services, pensions and social safety nets as "austerity measures".

And let's not forget the rebranding of "preemptive war" to "humanitarian intervention".

You know that they must be grooming one of their few female caucus members to run with whatever they come up with. That's one of their favourite tactics regarding any legislation that directly impacts women.
To which I responded:
That is a brilliant flash of insight into the Con tactics cesspool.

Let's try to deduce who that'll be. Likely Rona Ambrose unless it's Leona Aglukkak if they approach it as a *medical and scientific problem* - at least that's what it appears to be from the 3 talking points Stevie's Politburo has provided to Woodworth.

You're right. The Contempt Party will hang that political albatross around the neck of one of their female ministers.
Earlier posts about the Con game plan and Woodworth's role: here and here.

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