Tuesday, 22 November 2011

More Contempt of Parliament from Con Jobs

Gosh Rob, sorry that your tax-payer funded sinecure is keeping you from your afternoon nap. Oh wait. It's ^NOT.

Here's another look at Anders, when he's accessorized with Attack Parrot©™ speaking points and goosed into action. Note the high school drama production quality to the Con response to Anders' planted question. The Contempt party apparently uses the same stage manager as SunTv does.

Originally posted at Buckdog and of course, at Gritchik.

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Steve said...

Ah if only the left did not control the media. CTV’s QP is the Conservatively themed political discussion in Canada and even they were willing to raise an eyebrow at a draconian provision stuffed into the crime bill. Passing a joint near a school will be an offence with a minimum two year jail term. Considering 50% of University students pass a joint near a school, and this probably rises to 75 if you include ones that don’t take a draw, it would seem a ridiculous law. What is truly odious is the mindset of those who included and defend this measure. They say no problem, its not going to be enforced. How many times can the conservatives say this with a straight face. Oh all those internet laws, they are not going to be enforced. All those drug laws, they only apply to organized crime. I suspect the truth is the pass it measure was included to give the police the ability to sweat offenders to get them to narc out who gave them the pot. IMHO this is a stasi type measure. This is truly a harbinger of a police state.

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