Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hell-O kitty!

funny pictures - My complete lack of self respect has really improved my playtime options.


sassy said...

Dear China,

You've put poison in our pet food, in our toothpaste, in toys for our children, and god knows what else.

NOW you have the attention of our officials who really didn't care about pet food, children's toys and toothpaste.

You have put junk in our fighting machines. It FINALLY matters.

Alison said...

Tah for the link, dBOs.

Two further ironies :
1)The faked components likely come from electronic waste shipped from the US to China via Hong Kong, and
2)U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John McCain, currently outraged about the fake bits, voted against raising domestic content for Pentagon procurement because "free trade is essential to economic growth."

Right on, Sassy!

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