Friday, 25 November 2011

Con victims are *real* victims; others - not so much.

There's the Contempt Party Hard-On Crime Omnibus Bill. Then there's the destruction of the federal gun registry, including all its data.

Self-appointed advocate for victims' rights and Stevie-appointed reformaTory shill Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu, ersatz lobbyist for Bill C-10 - and against the gun registry claims the JUSTICE SYSTEM killed his daughter.

Then there's Nathalie Provost who survived the 1989 carnage at the Polytechnique, one of many women and men whose account of the massacre inspired the film. Shrieeeking Con Jobs have tried their best to discredit her, labelling her a " manipulative professional victim." Ironic, no?

It isn't happenstance that Boisvenu was sent out by PMSHithead's Politburo with talking points to defend Bill C-10.

With malice aforethought and willful malevolence, the Con's propaganda machine will destroy anything and anyone who challenges the substance of their claims and objects to their objectives.

A respected local expert on strategic communications was taken aback recently:
"The theme of my presentation was that as communicators we are being asked to do more with less and that there has never been a more compelling time to be strategic, contribute and measure value. And the place to start – and end – is a solid, sophisticated strategic plan.

A gutsy participant raised his hand in front of hundreds of peers and superiors to ask a question that had me gob smacked. “I hear what you’re saying that communications strategies are important and that we should be clear on the results we’re targeting, rather than just pumping out tactics.” He went on “What do you suggest I do when our political masters have categorically told us they do not want to see any communications strategies – all they want are the tactics?”

KAPOW. In ten years of running a consultancy specializing in strategic communications planning, this was a new one for me."

I'll bet that "gutsy participant" had his contract permanently terminated by his political masters, pronto-monto.

Also, a reminder that the Contempt Party doesn't believe the Criminal Code should be applied to their actions, nor enforced - via canadian cynic.

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typo in Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu: should be 'Pierre-Hugues'

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