Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Coming soon to your local Canadian Walmart ...

Scottsdale Gun Club members posing with Santa Claus and several guns

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Recent exchanges on Twitter with a number of gun nuts who support Bill C-19, which will abolish the gun registry and all the accumulated data - has been quite informative, and alarming.

Logical arguments and facts do not work with these folks.

Hence the prediction. The Guardian story that accompanies the photo above, here.


liberal supporter said...

The gun nuts seem to think everyone else is afraid of guns, and they even have a pseudoscientific name for it, "Hoplophobia". Just as we hear liberalism is a mental illness (I think to provide cover for rounding us up and putting us in gulags someday), the gun nuts truly believe the rest of us suffer from "hoplophobia".
They will likely find themselves unable to understand people on the left arming themselves, once the gun nuts achieve their wish of "any gun, for anyone, anywhere".
If we are forced to live in a wild west, at least until 2015, many pragmatic people (and what are liberals but pragmatic) will be armed to the teeth. They might catch on, and start adding new requirements to get an FAC, such as not being a liberal, but I think they are not smart enough. They don't think of the unintended consequences of just about anything.

Beijing York said...

These people are truly disturbed. But hell, when your world is taken over by zombies, maybe it's time to consider arming ourselves as liberal supporter suggests. It's fast becoming a kill or be killed world. (Between the "Walking Dead" and "Hell on Wheels", these weapons are starting to look beneficial._

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