Saturday, 29 October 2011

Scouts Honour

Walking the talk, the Girl Scouts of Colorado have calmly opened themselves up to fire from the religious right by standing firm on inclusivity in their ranks. A male-bodied 7 year old who has identified as female-spirited since age 2 has joined the state org's membership.

It's not like the Girl Scouts aren't already considered the scions of Satan by theocratic conservatives but expect this to bring on more shrieking and juxtaposition with the Christian patriarchy stronghold of the Boy Scouts of America.

What I found bonus enjoyable is this specific case's parental positivity on having a child not fitting gender norms. Given the recent fecal matter storms of virulently negative commentary by people aggressively invested in gender norms over previous instances of gender nonconformity for kids, it's obviously still an act of adult courage to step up for the child who the patriarchal system will brutally attempt to crush otherwise.

I'm always morbidly amused by the commentors who declare the parent in these stories is the cruel party, not making their child lie and hide so bullies can't pick on them. Sanity forbid anyone should have to put in the effort to stop the bully children from being the enforcers and plausible deniability distancing from an adult-instilled and *approved* system that Kills Children everywhere every day.

You *go*, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. I salute you from my thin-mint cookie crumb covered desk.

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Beijing York said...

Excellent move. I salute them too, Niles. This is a great step forward.

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