Thursday, 6 October 2011

More lies from Contempt Party government.

They LIE.
They lie they lie they lie THEY LIE!

Today our government introduced the Budget Implementation Act II which includes measures to eliminate the Per Vote Party Subsidy. In November 2008, our government committed to ending this tax on voting that will save the Government of Canada around $30 million per year. This move is being heavily criticized by the NDP, who receive most of their funding from large unions and have come to rely on this subsidy for a portion of their annual funding. This disrespect for taxpayers' money is yet another reason why the NDP are not fit to govern.
From here, where Kady O'Malley eviscerates the truthiness of the above agit-prop produced by the Contempt Party's propaganda machine, aka Stevie's Politburo.

"In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State - Alexander Solzhenitsyn."


Anonymous said...

What about the "Tax on Donating to Political Parties"? Oh wait, the party of Steve takes ruthless advantage of that one. Ditto for the Elections Canada rebates. This disrespect for taxpayers' money and their intelligence is yet another reason why the CPC are not fit to govern an elementary school student council, never mind Canada.

Beijing York said...

I agree with Anonymous, we should insist that the Harper government kill the political contribution tax credit and save some more $$$ for the tax payer.

And given how they have abused the Elections Canada campaign rebate (In and Out Scandal anyone?), they should kill that too. In fact if they really want to save even more $$$$ for the tax payer, lets kill elections altogether ;-)

Dr.Dawg said...

The CPC's antics are making me forsake civility entirely. They are scumsucking liars, or enablers of same. The fact that they can claim the NDP gets its money from unions, and then say, in the very next sentence, that union contributions have been banned since 2006, tells me that we have entered the realm of doublethink.

From the rabbit-hole to the memory-hole. Welcome to Harperia, 2011. And mind what you say in front of the visi-screen.

Niles said...

Ms BY:

Har...except Harper's pahrtay is the one that kept yammering about how an election was getting in the way of running the country and how expensive taxpayer money wasting elections are. You've entered POE country.'s_Law

(sorry, can't find the livelink code, but I am more sorry that those derisively telling us the "hidden agenda" of Harper's government is paranoid imaginings right up to the point where it's revealed to be Harper policy...

...and then we're told in all seriousness, who cares if there are few NotUs bodies in the streets, we need those savings to allow Harper's Men to ride around in style to prevent their penile size from being booked as overweight baggage. That's National defense secrets ya know.

(My 'away' computer is not liked by the system I guess)

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