Wednesday, 26 October 2011

More Contempt from PMSHithead

Stephen Harper affirme qu'il est temps de compléter un tour du chapeau... (Photo: PC)

According to Stevie Spiteful and his Cons, the Ruger Mini 14 is a *duck gun*.

That should be comforting to the 14 women shot dead on December 6 1989 and the victims of Breivik's murderous rampage.

Yet, according to this:
The majority of guns owned by Canadians are non-restricted long guns. Should new legislation be passed as the Conservative government has pledged, there will be no requirement to register this class of weapon.

Once a gun is bought, it can be modified to make it more agile and functional. Common tactical additions include pistol grips, folding or collapsible buttstocks, sophisticated sights, flash hiders, and lightweight synthetic bodies.

When purchased, a Ruger Mini 14 or "Ranch Rifle" is a fairly standard semi-automatic rifle, shooting the same 5.56-calibre ammunition used by NATO militaries. But when modified with specialized parts, it becomes considerably more combat-ready, accurate and intimidating.

A heavily modified Ruger Mini 14 was the weapon of choice for Anders Breivik in the recent Norway shootings, as well as the weapon favoured by [the killer] in the École Polytechnique shootings in 1989.

The Mini 14 - and its big brother, the Mini 30 - are widely available in Canada for around $1,000 and are classified non-restricted.
The day when ReformaTory Attack Parrots™© - with their constant prevarications and obfuscations - become political dead ducks can't arrive too soon.


Beijing York said...

I hope his base is happy. I heard some stat that the majority (16 out of 19?) cops/RCMP shot in the past year were victims of long guns. I'd be curious to see the stats for women shot.

fern hill said...

For BY: Stats compiled by CBC.

Spousal homicides caused by shootings (2000-2009): 167 (23%)

Of firearm-related spousal homicides, those involving long guns: 50%

Beijing York said...

Thanks fern. Wow, 50% is pretty freaking high. This whole move has me furious, especially the fact that they want to DESTROY the database when Quebec is demanding access to the stats they paid for. It's like a scorched earth policy for these f*ckers.

Anonymous said...

do any of you have guns ? if you did you would realize the waste of OUR tax money, I own several firearms and realize what a waste it is ignorance is only bliss for the ignorant.

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