Friday, 28 October 2011

'The Crimson Tub'

The pressure mounts in the Rob Fucking Ford embarrassment.
Left-wing councillor Joe Mihevc said “it's absolutely important for the tapes to be released to clear the air,” adding Torontonians should know how their elected officials treat city staff.

“If the tapes are not released, the absence of them basically verifies CBC’s version of events. If it turns out he behaved in the way CBC says he did, an apology is in order and people can question the appropriateness of his actions and his ability to serve as mayor.”

Dr. Dawg is on it, and while admiring the coinage of 'SchadenFord', comes up with a pretty good description of Robbo without using you know, the word *cough* 'fat'.

Compared to this crimson tub of vulgar, stupid ineptitude, Mel Lastman and even Ottawa’s clownish ex-mayor Larry O’Brien look like statesmen. How in the name of whatever gods that be could anyone have voted for this moron?

Have a look at this slideshow about the actual encounter between the Crimson Tub and Mary Walsh and decide who's telling the truth.

As for the 911 recording, we'll just have to wait to see if RFF will deliver.

Let's keep up the pressure, eh?

I guess it's time for this illustrative photo again.

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