Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Corporate Welfare for Quebecor and thus Sun TV

Look who's another MASSIVE liar.

Why, it's none other than Quebecor, owner of Sun Infotainment.
For more than three years, Quebecor has been using its newspapers, and more recently, its SunNews Network TV license to pursue a campaign against CBC/Radio-Canada. But there are some things Quebecor won’t tell you:
  • Quebecor has received more than half a billion dollars in direct and indirect subsidies and benefits from Canadian taxpayers over the past three years, yet it is not accountable to them.
  • Quebecor uses this public subsidy and its dominant position in protected industries to make record profits yet complains that its TVA television network "competes” against Radio-Canada.
  • Quebecor boss Pierre Karl Péladeau has sent over a dozen letters to the Prime Minister and others in government to complain that Radio-Canada does not spend enough money advertising in his newspapers.
From here.

More background on Quebecor, here.


zoombats said...

Does Muldoon still sit in high office at Quebecour?

deBeauxOs said...

Yes. Quebecor Board of Directors.

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