Friday, 9 September 2011

That Hudork Bus Just Lost Another Wheel

Tim Hudork's campaign is getting downright comical.
The Progressive Conservatives’ election platform couldn’t be any clearer – the party wants to see “change that guarantees a promising future to every hard-working family that plays by the rules.”

Which is why Leader Tim Hudak suddenly finds himself in such an awkward position amid revelations that property rights activist and Conservative candidate Randy Hillier hasn’t paid his taxes.

Oh dear.

And how many times has the phrase* 'Mr Hudak refused to say. . .' appeared in campaign stories so far? Oh look, there it is again.
At a press conference Friday following a speech to the Economic Club of Canada, Mr. Hudak refused to say whether he would continue to support Mr. Hillier even though he is behind on his taxes. Canada Revenue Agency has placed two liens on the candidate’s home, one for $9,017 and another for $5,863.

And it just gets worse.
[Mr Hillier] also pinned the blame to his wife.

And worse.

Hillier ran against Hudork for party leadership, but backed out and supported him when Timmie said he'd abolish Human Rights Commissions.

So, it's all good, right?

Um. No. That would be another Hudork flip-flop.

And. Also. Hillier is the guy who helped oust longtime PC stalwart Norm Sterling, prompting the now-infamous Tea Bagger Party comment from former PC premier Ernie Eves.

Heckuva job, Timmie.

*And of course, Timmie still refuses to say whether he'd defund abortion.

BONUS: Randy Hillier would also defund abortion.

ADDED: And that 'foreign worker' dealie is also just getting worser and worser.

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Anonymous said...

And we thought BC had some crazy, badass politicians. Ya gotta love those hypocritical, ideologically driven, say anything to get elected candidates with the piles of dirty laundry hiding in their closets. Makes for some great editorials! Good luck to you Ontario. BC has 14 more months to wait before we get to go through this again.

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