Monday, 12 September 2011

Pulling Numbers out of Their Asses

Back in mid-July, Ford pit-bull Mammoliti was threatening tax hikes of up to 20 %.
Toronto councillors will have to clobber residents with a tax hike of up to 20% if they fail to make tough budget decisions, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti warned Wednesday.

By July 28, the day and night of the marathon bogus consultation, at which I was one of the 'usual suspects', the number had risen to a 30% tax increase.

Today, Hudork is on the stump again, repeating his nonsensical promise to cut 'red tape', sometimes 'regulations', by that magic number, 30%, again.
Election campaigns often demand of electorates a level of credulity that tends to border on wishful thinking.

For example, a promise by Ontario's Conservative Leader Tim Hudak to reduce regulation by 30 per cent. . . .

Reducing regulation by 30 per cent raises a multitude of questions, one of which is simply, how did Hudak and his policy team arrive at 30 per cent? Precisely, 30 per cent of what?

Why does no one ask these questions of Hudork himself?

And what the hell does it mean?

Maybe it means that tax-dodger Con candidate, Randy Hillier, will have to fill out only 3 of every 10 lines of his 'confusing' tax forms.

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Pseudz said...

Was the critical groundwork for Toronto's current tide of low-tax, low-wage minginess done by the Harris government with their amalgamation of municipal governments?

Could anyone get elected with a promise to reverse it?

Has there been any of the touted benefits from it?

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