Saturday, 3 September 2011


One day while Thomas Mulcair is walking around Outremont and signing up new NDP members, a large chunk of crumbling Montreal infrastructure falls on him. Fatally.

When Mulcair arrives at St Peter's Gate, he's informed that a component of the admission process requires a meet-and-greet with Heavenly residents.

Mulcair thinks: "Great! I'm a gifted and successful campaigner and schmoozer. Getting into Heaven will be a snap."

As he looks across a cloud, he notices Marilyn Monroe is floating in his direction. Mulcair calls out to her: "Join me in a martini?"

Marilyn shimmies gracefully and murmurs: "Really, Mr Mulcair? Is there room in that tiny glass for the three of us?"


Rick Barnes said...

you made me laugh!

deBeauxOs said...

This was inspired by an apocryphal story about Marilyn's wit - she only played the *dumb* blonde - and the way she handled heavy-handed sexual harassment.

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