Thursday, 29 September 2011

Keep flying your freak flag, Contempt Party!

PM SHithead’s Contempt government is planning to enshrine the legal right to display the Canadian flag. From here:
So it is lining up behind a proposed bill that makes it more difficult to ban, limit or otherwise disrespect the Canadian flag, as part of what appears to be a more concerted, Conservative focus on the symbols of governance around the capital and the country.

Heritage Minister James Moore wasn’t able to say on Wednesday what forms of display would be deemed as “desecration of the flag” under the proposed law, which has been put forward by a Conservative backbencher from the GTA, John Carmichael (Don Valley West.)

In front of a table laden with flags and flag memorabilia in the Commons foyer, Moore hailed the bill as a measure to reward Canadian patriots with legal protections “to ensure that Canadians . . . have clear certainty, that if they wish to show pride in their country — to display the Canadian flag — they are free to do so, without any intimidation by condo boards or other neighbours.”
Really? Will Stevie Spiteful's Cons jail all those *flag bullies* - there must be legions and legions of them, given the gravity and ponderousness of Moore's political theatre - in the new mega-prison complexes the Contempt Party cronies will be building?

"Show pride without intimidation" ... but only if it's the red maple leaf flag on display. If it's your sexual orientation, your lack of Kristian Dominionist beliefs or your misfortune to be a woman dealing with an uplanned and unwanted pregnancy, be afraid - be very afraid for the viability of your civil and legal rights.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, francophones are dissing this vacuous initiative - and flagging it with this hashtag.


Beijing York said...

I think the pissed off Quebecois should make sure to fly their flag on St. Jean Baptiste and the LGBT should do the same with the rainbow flag during Pride. And should a landlord or condo board complain, they can use this piece of crud legislation to defend their right to fly whatever freaking flag they feel like.

double nickel said...

@BY +1

Jim Parrett said...

I think we just had our 'War on Christmas' moment.

Niles said...

'Tis the season of the Conservative backbencher. They are certainly carrying the reactionary water for the Big Boys in the front row. It's interesting to see what is officially backed and what isn't - yet.

It's being framed in the article as a response to *condo boards* ruling their fiefdoms as fearful conservative countries unto themselves?

I am just a wee bit biased about condo boards and have a kneejerk favourable response to anything that limits their often 'Stepford Wives' hivemind but even I wonder what totalitarian plague of flag banishment exists in condommunities across the land to bring out a special Law in response.

I would have thought the FedCons would be empathetic to cookie cutter conformity-r-us but you go to war with the stalking horse you have.

The one thing I notice about visiting the USA is the plenitude of US flags everywhere. As if they're afraid someone might accuse them of not loving the country enough without one present.

I'll take substance over style any day.

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