Tuesday 13 September 2011

It's not too late, Tim

Hmmmm. Interesting timing. One woulda thunk this bunfest would be coordinated with the fetus fetishists' other fall fun fair, Life Chain, on October 2.

I've looked and can't find any info on whether this shindig is the first ever, tenth annual, or whatever. No qualifier of any sort. And usually the fetus fetishists love to highlight how long they've been holding their futile rallies and vigils and whatnot.

I wonder who they expected to be in the Premier's seat on October 22, you know, two weeks after the provincial election that at one point seemed a no-brainer win for the Cons.

Were they hoping for compulsive 'refuser to say' Tim Hudak who once mighta, kinda, maybe vowed to defund abortion?

Given his repeated flip-flopping on issues, maybe they were hoping the sight of a few dozen zygote zealots on 'his' new lawn at Queen's Park would flop-flip him back again.

Because currently Campaign Life Coalition's handy candidate rater has him down as 'pro-abortion'.

Ouch. That's gotta smart what with all the pandering to Christianists he's been doing.

(Interestingly, the fetus fetishists seem slow off the mark with their quiz. While many candidates have 'not replied' and many more [like Hudork, big surprise] have 'refused to answer', lots haven't yet been sent the survey.)

We've blogged about abortion funding being the potential wedge issue in the never-ending War on Women. Obviously, the fetus fetishists think they have a winner here.

Here's what the text on that poster says, including the mandatory breast-cancer and trauma lies:
At least 30 million dollars of taxpayer money funds elective abortion surgery in Ontario alone

*Additionally, the cost of abortion complications could escalate this cost of hundreds of millions of $ annually (Eg: breast cancer, trauma, infections)

But hey, it may not be too late to try to cash in those martyr markers, Tim. Canadian Life Chain locations are here. Pick a spot, hold up gory sign, and bingo! You're back in their good graces.

Aesthetic footnotes:
1. What's with the blobs? Everyone knows that 'blobs'® are prochoice symbols. They're appropriating our shit again. Waaa!
2. What's with the logo? Is that a heart with toesies? Eww. Creepy.

h/t AntoniaZ


Anonymous said...

Kill babies with tax dollars? Not from my wallet!

Keep young children from suffering of lack of food and shelter? Not from my wallet either! (in the US - so far)

And should the trend of defunding continue to its conclusion, the suffering will lead to an Oliver Twist-esque world of children labouring in factories, running and thieving through the streets, or simply outright dying.

Anonymous said...

Will someone remind them that forced pregnancy and childbirth will cost them even more precious taxpayer dollars?

Niles said...

I'd bet the logo is framed on the glurge guilt abortion porn photo of an 'aborted' foetus showing the teeny little feet against the adult human hand.

Took part of a first aid responder course today. Got to the part about defibbing a pregnant woman in cardiac crisis and if it was worth the risk when there might be negative effects to the baby. I was going to speak up and say it wasn't a baby, but a foetus, but the facilitator went on to bluntly inform the trainees no live mom, no live baby and that the situation was one of host/parasite. Yes, the in utero 'baby' might be injured by the electricity of an auto-defib, but the life of the mother was paramount and that was the medical view on emergency response.

There were other details around that, but upon reviewing the silent squirming audience reaction of some to the 'host/parasite;mom is priority' framing, I figured that was about all the honesty they could stand and held my tongue.

On the other hand I had fun trying to convince someone local this week that efforts to defund abortion in Ontario would gravitate to Alberta at warp speed if it looked the slightest bit successful, so Ontario's election affects every Canadian woman, not just that one province, nevermind the huge population of Ontario and the human suffering that would result if defunding was enabled.

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