Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's the Contempt Culture - Again!

Pigs at the trough

Defence Minister Peter MacKay used one of only three search-and-rescue helicopters available in Newfoundland to transport him from a vacation spot last year, CTV News has learned.

MacKay was picked up at a private salmon fishing lodge along the Gander River last July by a Canadian Forces Cormorant helicopter. Military sources said the order to collect MacKay came from the defence minister's own office.

"This is not a common practice . . . this is the only time a search-and-rescue asset was used as shuttle service," a source told CTV News.

As we observed here, Harper's Con government is developing quite a prodigious sense of entitlement.

Expect more of this rapacious gluttony at the CPC trough.

Meanwhile Stevie Spiteful and Smilin' Jim have hired consultants to the tune of $90,000. a day to show them how to slash spending - except for their own illicit perks, of course.


fern hill said...

Oo. Story quotes 'military sources'. Walt Natynczyk getting a little pay-back?

fern hill said...

Got to thinking about Peter, wondering how old he is. Born in 1965, making him 45-46. Despite interesting dating history, isn't it kinda odd that he isn't married or at least shacked up?

deBeauxOs said...

Using military parlance, I suggest the man is a dud.

Dr.Dawg said...

Could he be what Private Eye used to call a "confirmed bachelor?"

Niles said...

So long as McKay doesn't do something so outrageously shocking as standing in a meadow with his partner and a dog and then sends pix of the foetid aberrance to his constituents, his private life is his private life.

Anonymous said...

And then there is this.

Anonymous said...

There is no recession for politicians. This recession is for the Canadian citizen's, only.

The Harper government can spend, $90.000 per day, to see how Harper can save money?? This country has plenty of money to throw away. How insane was it, to build a fake lake worth a billion?

To order a rescue helicopter, to sport McKay from place to place, is really not surprising. Canada has become an embarrassing, cesspool of corruption.

deBeauxOs said...

The photo that Niles refer to in the comment above, attracted bigoted and hateful responses such as this one.

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