Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hudork on Health

Speaking of pimping one's kid, Hudork dragged his three-year-old to Hamilton today to talk about healthcare.

From a report titled: 'On health care, Ontario's Hudak battles memories of Harris cuts' by Steve Ladrurantaye:
His daughter Miller was born six weeks premature, and more recently faced a three-week hospitalization for an undisclosed, but serious, illness. The happy three-year-old is a steady presence on the campaign trail, and often travels with Mr. Hudak when she’s not in school.

Oh yeah, we remember the Harris cuts. In particular, the 6,000 nurses fired remember the Harris cuts. Hudak, remember, was junior Health Minister for some of that time.
“Investing more in health care is necessary and prudent,” he said as he stood beside an ultrasound machine at St. Joseph’s Hospital, flanked by the two nurses in scrubs. “I personally know from my family’s experience how important it is to have quality health care where and when you need it … to me it’s personal.”

What? Flanked by nurses????

Wait. Apparently they couldn't find any Steel Town nurses to stand beside Hudak, so, according to Ladurantaye, they were shipped in from St Catharines complete with scrubs and stethoscopes.

Pimping your kid while bussing in ringers. Another great day for Hudork.


deBeauxOs said...

Probably RNs laid off under the Harris regime and now grateful for any temp job, no matter how distasteful.

Niles said...

His three year old is in school?

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