Friday, 16 September 2011

Hudak the Refusenik

This is too easy. I googled "Hudak refused" and look what I got.

There was (to DAMMIT JANET! at least) that first important one. About defunding abortion.
When the Star repeatedly asked Hudak if he is “pro-life” he refused to answer the question and walked away from the microphone.

The rest of the list is kinda random in time.

The tax-dodger candidate.
At a press conference Friday following a speech to the Economic Club of Canada, Mr. Hudak refused to say whether he would continue to support Mr. Hillier even though he is behind on his taxes.

Hydro rates.
Asked specifically if he could guarantee the [hydro] rates would not continue to climb if the Tories win on Oct. 6, Hudak refused to answer but was quick to add that the provincial portion of the HST would be cut.

Uploading the costs that Mike Harris Sr. dumped on municipalities.
Hudak refused to commit to honouring the existing 10-year [uploading] deal between Ontario municipalities and the Liberal Government.

Teacher training.
Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak refused to say if he'd match the Liberal promise [to double teachers college terms], choosing instead to call out Premier Dalton McGuinty for his absent election platform.

Nuclear power.
PC Leader Tim Hudak is not saying how he will protect electricity consumers from the inevitable cost overruns on the nuclear power projects his party favours. Mr. Hudak refused to respond to a Clean Air Alliance survey asking what parties would do to protect Ontario consumers and taxpayers from massive nuclear cost overruns.

Today, Tim Hudak was asked repeatedly about his flip-flop on the HST, but he refused to come clean with Ontarians.

Extra billing by doctors.
The promise comes after Hudak refused on Wednesday to state whether or not he’d go after doctors who charge service fees.

And today's entry, on green jobs.
Hudak never mentioned Samsung in his eight-minute address. He didn’t take questions from the media, either. So Star reporter Craig Pearson, standing so close to Hudak that the leader had to step around him, asked him anyway. “Will you guarantee the 200 to 300 Samsung jobs?” Hudak didn’t answer.

Pearson followed him out, holding out his tape recorder, and asked him several more times. Hudak didn’t answer. Finally, Hudak referred him to an aide to arrange an interview.

Sorry, no interview, Pearson was finally told the next day.

Just to be fair, I also googled "McGuinty refused" and "Horwath refused" and got one each.

For the second straight day, Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty refused to give into pressure from his rivals to participate in a debate on Northern issues in the sprawling region. The Progressive Conservatives even offered to pick up the tab for his travel costs.

However, Horwath refused to say whether her party would consider a coalition in the event the election produced a minority government.

(P.S. To ONDP and OLP war-rooms: I prefer single malt.)

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deBeauxOs said...

Thank the Gawdess for Google!

Look and ye shall receive.

Dr.Dawg said...

Nice move, Fern. Amazing (or maybe not) what it revealed.

Hudak is toast. Burned, throw-out-able toast.

Anonymous said...

Keep making my day, fern-

Hudork is a wishy-washy doofus - even his fellow Cons are holding their noses & backing away from this skunk.


parliament_nil said...

My preference is, and my vote will be, Orange Crush, but my MPP (McGuilty himself) is ever-so-slightly preferable to Whodat. Hope ONDP machine comes on strong, and perhaps snags enough seats from Dolton to force a coalition. Enough of this God-awful corpoligarchy!

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