Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Contemptuous Rob Anders


Those who've assumed the invisible MPty suit known as Rob Anders couldn't find his ass with both hands have incorrectly underestimated his ability.

Au contraire!

Anders has not only found his ass, he's also publicly flaunting it for all to see what a MASSIVE asshole he has is.
Meanwhile, two Conservative MPs, Rob Anders and Ed Holder, are taking it a step further, asking their constituents in surveys whether the government should keep funding the CBC.

Mr. Anders, a Calgary MP who has always been a controversial maverick on the right wing of his party, now features a petition on his website calling on Parliament “to end public funding of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.”

The petition represents an escalation of Mr. Anders’s campaign against CBC funding. He has made appearances on Sun TV to express his views on public funding for the CBC.
From here.

#AlternateUniverseJob for Rob Anders - Rupert Murdoch's Asshole.

Oh. Wait.


Dr.Dawg said...

I've never understood what hold that vapid individual has on Harper, but it's limpet-like.

If I had an ally like that, I'd smile and wave from a safe distance. Harper intervenes in the riding association and saves Anders' worthless ass every time.


Beijing York said...

I think that his views, even as extreme as they seem to most normal human beings, are very close and dear to Steve the Spiteful's heart. They have a majority and they will kill the CBC. Whether it's from a 100 to a 1000 cuts or outright remains to be seen.

deBeauxOs said...

I suspect that Anders once did a dirty fix-it job for SHithead. That's what he holds over Stevie.

double nickel said...

Somebody's got some photos of somebody else.

Beijing York said...

You all seem to think that Steve is somewhat too intelligent to suffer such fools without there being some blackmail potential. I have seen professional business owners who don't seem that stupid praise idiots like Anders, Kenney and Levant because they like what they say. I think the Spiteful one is definitely of the same ilk.

Anonymous said...

I have been suspicious for a long time on the future of the C.B.C. I predict a nice back room sale to Rogers who need to play tag with C.T.V. Bell Media.
The once great Canadian Broadcasting Corporation under Harper's reign have always been fearful of the hammer coming down. Once a non partisan critic of government they have now been reduced to being mindful of their alliances. A real sad commentary on the state of the media in this country.

fern hill said...

Conservative candidates = potted plants.

Beijing York said...

I love that photo, fern :-)

Mark, that really sounds like a likely scenario. Still, they will need to fiddle with the Broadcasting Act.

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