Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What to do with a Girl like Maria Magdalene*

Mother Jones magazine has delved into the lucrative American Christian-run 'corrective' organizations turning life into Hell on Earth for American youths, with emphasis on rendering girls into Stepford zombies, but not ignoring the rending psychological and physical damage done to boys as well.

Incompletely obedient youth touted as criminality to their parents becomes an excuse parlayed into unregulated imprisonment, punishment and torturous indoctrination into a certain interpretation of authority made sancrosanct by a veneer of religion.

I've often wondered how many broken inner children, grown and with children of their own to break, are the invisible mainstays of organizations wanting to move regional theocratic control into imperial state authority over everyone. For every survivor who continues to dissent, how many are silent and obedient, needing to identify with the abuser or fall apart more completely than they are if consciously having to face the idea this wasn't done to save their spirits, but to callously exploit them as resources?

Fewer than historically indoctrinated by state-run theocracies. That's the sad thing. Compared to pre-separation of state and church, this is improvement. The despots running these hellholes have to hide it now, however thinly in some locales. They have to demand anti-regulation. They have to close down and move. They have to make excuses and dismiss survivors and the damage done. They long for the return of theocratic glory days where all of that *work* lying about it won't be needed. Because they know what's really at stake here. Their comfort and bank accounts, the rest be damned. Literally.

I expect this is where someone makes the "No True Christian" jazz hands argument to make it all go away.

*Where the Hills aren't Alive, so much as they Have Eyes.


Beijing York said...

Niles, you really crack me up with some of your references. The "'No True Christian' jazz hands argument" is another winner.

Bleatmop said...

Oh please. These people obviously are not true Christians. They are obviously violating the part of the bible that says child abuse is unacceptable. People who do this kind of stuff are obviously satanists or ATHEISTS looking to get off of their evil and make people like you think badly of all the other good wholesome Christians out there. Who knows, some of them may even be mooslems or something. Please, for the sake of your soul, delete this post, repent, go to the nearest cathedral and say a few Hail Mary's for all these poor abused children. Prayer has power and G-D will answer your prayers.

===Jazz Hands===

fern hill said...

Another flavour, same message.

And the CristoTalibannies call pro-choice people anti-child, anti-life.

Niles said...

*bows to Beijing York* my days are best when I can snark.

People keep asking why do people vote against their own interests. Why do people uncritically follow theocrats lying to them and grifting them. Why do people make excuses for them?

"Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man". Praised motto of the Jesuits. Reconstructionist theocrats brought home schooling to the core of controlling what 'their' kids learn about the world. Now there's Conservapedia with an unapologetic (or is that apologetic in the other sense of the word) Christian rewriting of everything that might raise awkward questions and self esteem.

It's tough surviving without group approval. Low self esteem makes it even harder. Self esteem is being deliberately crippled by forces like these torturers.

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