Friday, 19 August 2011

Spin, Timmie, Spin

Let the attack ads begin!

Specifically, attacking unions, 'union bosses' who get 'fat raises' and 'lavish benefits' all paid for by us poor tax-payers who get nothing -- like education, health, safety etc -- in return. McGuinty is 'beholden' to those unions.

Then there this totally lame and really annoying effort from Hudak's astroturf group, fronted by a Dominionist nutbar.

This is what he says about his communications *cough* company:
Brazen Communication is all about offering clients a bold way to express their complex ideas, services and mission

If that vid is any indication of quality, I think Tristan should stick to god-bothering.

Speaking of complex ideas, Lloyd Brown-John writes in the Windsor Star about 'catchphrase politics'.
Election campaigns often demand of electorates a level of credulity that tends to border on wishful thinking.

For example, a promise by Ontario's Conservative Leader Tim Hudak to reduce regulation by 30 per cent.

. . .
Reducing regulation by 30 per cent raises a multitude of questions, one of which is simply, how did Hudak and his policy team arrive at 30 per cent? Precisely, 30 per cent of what?

Indeed. Good questions.

30% of water safety regulations?

30% of abortion regulations?

30% of food inspection regulations?

30% of building regulations?

30% of mining regulations?

Sure, a lot of people would suffer from poisoned food and water, unsafe healthcare, collapsing buildings, and dangerous workplaces, but at least around 30% of them would be evil fat-cat union members.

Hmm. 30 per cent again. Maybe Hudak just wants to eliminate 30 per cent of Ontarians.

Bonus! Today's Con stunt event is literally all spin.


Anonymous said...

30% of all regulations, of course!

Just sum up 100% of abortion regulations and 100% of any other regulations the Cons don't like until you're left with only 70% of total regulations remaining. These are the important regulations, like those involving drug use and punishing people.

Niles said...

Tristan Emmanuel, claiming to have no political agenda, wants to reconnect with his randy hillier peeps as he runs PFBO. ok...

Tristan Emmanuel, claiming to be shocked, SHOCKED at the horrible things unions do, is sales manager for a company that hires out non-union craftworkers. ok....

Tristan Emmanuel, claiming to be doing things for the good of the people, starts up *another* company, titled Brazen, for media promotion. ok...

How many of these companies (and any others he decides to start) would profit by a 30% 'reduction' of provincially mandated regulations?

Beijing York said...

Please tell me that Hudak doesn't have a hope in hell of winning. Scratch that, too many were convinced of that with Rob Ford and dropped their guard. These last five years have been horrifying.

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