Saturday, 20 August 2011

Evidence that some cops are indeed pigs.

A woman who was bound and sexually assaulted by her then-neighbour, Col. Russell Williams says the police left her tied up for five hours after responding to her 911 call.

Laurie Massicotte says Ontario Provincial Police officers told her they had to leave her in the harness, fashioned by Williams, until an OPP photographer arrived to take pictures of her in the restraint. [...] "Five hours, no medical attention. I was in total shock. I didn't know what the heck was going on." The OPP, she said, treated her like a criminal in the early hours of the investigation.

One officer told her neighbour, Massicotte said, that police suspected she was trying to "copycat" what happened to another sexual assault victim in Tweed, Ont., 12 days earlier.
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Remember, the police did not release to the public any information or warnings with regard to the break-ins and sexual assaults to which women in that area had been subjected.

So how could she "copycat" those crimes? Instead of treating Massicotte like the victim of a crime, the cops assumed she was a perpetrator or complicit.

How many times does police malfeasance need to be proven before the criminal justice system expels these incompetent, sexist, brutal cops?


fern hill said...

This is one of the most horrifying stories I've ever heard. If it happened in some place where women are routinely brutalized. . .

Oh. Wait.

angrygaijin said...

Guh, gotta keep keeping our eyes on Canadian police.

Kev said...

Whatever the bastards motivation for their actions, the preservation of evidence was not among them.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't even given a rape kit, not one swab was taken. She was offered $75,000 from victims comp., which I believe she turned down and they wanted her to sign papers saying she wouldn't sue the police. I believe she's gunning for Harriman as well, she wants to know why H has never once stood up for the victims, conceding that H as a victim as well, except she wasn't sexually brutalized and beaten.

Luna said...

Oh. My. God. NEVER again will I keep my mouth shut when someone says, "Why didn't she call the police?" This is one of the most horrifying things I've ever heard. Ever.

Beijing York said...

I am truly aghast. Everything about this case is indecent and corrupt.

Bina said...

It's just like the Balcony Rapist case all over again. This woman is another Jane Doe. Just bait for the cops to dangle while they go off and twiddle their thumbs.

Or other parts of their anatomy.

Dark Daughta said...

It's not about whether some police are corrupt or not. It's about the fact that the system they function under is corrupt as a whole, allowing for those who do these kinds of behaviours to function without fear of reprisal in any form, during or after. I get tired of hearing about some cops being nice and some not being nice. That's way too liberal for my liking. The nice ones keep quiet and allow the ones who want to do evil to do so in order to keep status, job and pension. They close ranks and behave like a good fraternity. The rare brave ones who speak out have to do so with their faces covered because you don't cross police. It's not safe. They're thugs and hooligans who work for those who rule. Plain and simple. Did anyone ask who this woman was or what her history was with the police?

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