Thursday, 28 July 2011

Total Waste of Time

Today, I'm going down to City Hall to speak to the Executive Council about proposed cuts to Toronto services. I'm in the middle third of the list of 302 registered speakers.

But really, I don't know why I'm bothering.
Mammoliti said Ford supporters haven't turned out before because they're busy working. He said he'll listen to all the deputants but complained that many will be "the same people, the same faces, that are always down here. I think a lot of them are being paid to be here.”

Man, these ConClowns can really stick to the message, can' they?
Toronto’s mayor has invited every taxpayer to tell him which city services to cut and which to keep, but his brother, Etobicoke councillor Doug Ford, says public input in budget discussions is being set up by unions, while the mayor’s supporters are too busy working to express their views at city hall.

“This is all orchestrated by the unions,” said Doug Ford Tuesday when asked about the opposition voiced by speaker after speaker at committee meetings to review the cost-cutting proposals of a consultant’s report. The service review has produced a list of money-saving options including closing Riverdale Farm and High Park Zoo, ending subsidies for 2000 daycare spaces and trimming budgets on everything from grass cutting to flower planting.

Meanwhile, Toronto can't be hurting for cash too badly, since FatFuckFord got his $13,362.25 fine for not removing campaign signs waived.

Ah, but the law does not apply to him. Apparently.

Now, this is a fun read. 'The Fords come unravelled'.
After eight months, the Ford administration has finally begun to come apart at the seams. Or at least its two figureheads, Rob and Doug, appear to have. Chris Selley, Jonathan Goldsbie, and Matt Gurney get all emo about the state of municipal politics.

Off to City Hall!

UPDATE: I'm back. They're doing presentations first. Then the 'deps' (as insiders call deputations, I found out) and there are more than 100 people before me. They've reduced speaking time to 3 minutes. Even so and even if lots of people don't show up, it will be hours before it's my turn.

So I came home to get some work done. Or not. Maybe I'll watch this.

Oh, and I saw Officer Bubbles! Back on the beat. Dealing with those dread pinkos.

Now I have more time to look for my real one of these:

UPDATE 2: Now on lunch break until 1:30. Have heard from only 7 deputants. Thinking: Do I really want to do this?


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes you do, you are speaking for so many of us. AND if you talk as fast as you can think and type, well the fat fuck is going to get an earful!
Don't forget to mention your there rep'ing thousands of progressive sane non-union working people. Good Luck, looking forward to your next post.

fern hill said...

I'm gonna get shamed, am I? ;-)

Dr.Dawg said...

Well done. Fix the Officer Bubbles link, though, by removing the quote-marks after the URL!

fern hill said...

Aye-aye, sir! Done.

Niles said...

Aren't you taking part in what is essentially the public's filibuster of the co-mayors? If you and others get tired and go away or have life priorities that need to take priority, it sounds like that's just what they're hoping, to outlast you and then pull a Nelson haw-hah.

At the least, you're forcing their political hand. If they cut off the hearings, waving their jazz hands in some excusemelookthere'sacondor manner, they're on display to everyone as the hypocrites they seem intent on being.

Why is it whenever I read about them, I keep thinking "Rob and Doug MacFordzie" and the theme tune of kookskookskookskookskooksKOO runs under the imagery.

It's a disservice on my part to the comedy team classic, but ye gobs it's like 'What if the Toque Twins were Selfishly Malicious and in charge of City Hall?'

fern hill said...

Great way to put it, Niles! The public's filibuster. Yes!

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