Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Is Michele Bachmann a Fag Hag®?

Gee, I dunno. Listen to the beginning of this.

JoeMyGod had it first. (Read the hilarious comments there.)

Now, Mother Jones is on it.
Politico's James Hohmann published a story Tuesday on the unique role of Rep. Michele Bachmann's husband, Marcus, on the campaign trail. Aside from the obvious points about how he's had to pick up the slack on the home front since his wife left for Washington, the piece notes a few of the recent controversies that could become "liabilities" on the campaign trail—namely, the fact that his family farm received subsidies, and that his Christian therapy practice accepted Medicaid funding.

That might be a stretch. The fact that Marcus Bachmann received farm subsidies is bad because they're the kind of government handout the candidate loves to hate, but it's really not the kind of thing that sways voters—especially when you consider that a lot of Republican primary voters also receive farm subsidies. There is one part of the Marcus Bachmann story, though, that is already becoming an issue for the Bachmann campaign.

In addition to the fairly commonplace practice of accepting Medicaid payments, Bachmann's Christian therapy clinic has also been accused of dabbling in something called "conversion" or "reparative" therapy, in which gay people are supposedly cured of their gayness through steady doses of prayer. The American Psychiatric Association does not endorse "conversion therapy" and has suggested it might have damaging mental health consequences. But as Hohmann's story notes, Marcus Bachmann is not a member of any of Minnesota's three major professional organizations for psychologists. For Marcus Bachmann, this is bigger than science; it's a moral imperative. Gays, he has said, are like "barbarians" that need to be "disciplined."

. . . The problems don't end with the therapy, though. Marcus' fiercely anti-gay language has itself spawned the predictable, unsubstantiated "takes one to know one" backlash.

Lotsa fun links at Mojo. Celebs, including Cher, weighing in. Andrew Sullivan has a couple of very funny clips.

And for more fun, follow MarcusBachmanIsSoGay.


Mike McShea said...

"Takes one to know one"? Perhaps, in fact, it takes two to know something considering Michele's obsession with the lesbian "barbarians" as her hubby professionally(?)describes them.

The Mound of Sound said...

Three words: crazy - shit - bat. Rearrange and repeat and repeat.

Luna said...

What's funny (to me) is that I hadn't heard word one about this guy. I saw that clip on the teevee and turned to my husband with my mouth gaping open. I said, "HOLY SHIT. He's gay!" My darlin' man said, "Oh honey. DUH."

That poor man... I feel so much pity for someone that deep in denial and feeling that much shame that he feels the need to quash any homosexuality anywhere. So sad.

fern hill said...

Luna, I hadn't heard anything about him either. I think her antichoice/antigay supporters need to KNOW. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is CRAZEE. a Bunch of haters following a gay man and his lezzie wife.


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