Monday, 4 July 2011

Hudak = Job Killer

OK, it's an Ontario Liberal Party press release, but I'll take good news where I can find it these days.
Former PC Premier Mike Harris is the latest high profile Conservative to break ranks with Tim Hudak and join the parade that is growing behind the birth of a clean renewable energy economy in Ontario.

Harris is the Chairman of Magna International, and a member of the board of the Aurora based company since 2003. In that time, he has helped shape the company into a leading manufacturer of both solar and wind systems.

In what is a major blow to Hudak, Harris, his political mentor and someone he worships, has positioned Magna as a player in Ontario's clean energy revolution through the Feed-in-Tariff program.
. . .

Unlike Harris and Magna, Tim Hudak has failed to understand the days of dirty coal-fired electricity generation have gone the way of the dodo bird, and has promised to kill 50,000 jobs by scrapping Ontario Feed-in-Tariff program, Samsung's $7 billion investment in Ontario jobs, and all the gains Ontario manufacturers have made in this forward-looking growth sector.

Job killer. Hope that sticks.

If you have the stomach, listen to the smarmy shit last week on MetroMorning. Ontarians, you want this little creep for premier?


k'in said...

O fern - if Hudork is elected in October, we really are doomed.

He is a vacant, smarmy (barf - that metro morning link!) doofus.

Hopefully, people will locate their brains, get over their Bob "Hey I'm a Liberal these days" Rae phobia and vote Andrea Horwath in October.

grahame said...

On a bit of a different subject but in the good news category. Premier McGuinty has released Ontario's Education Report. Which is one of the things in danger if Hudak is elected. Take a look

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