Sunday, 31 July 2011

First Nations Land Claims

Go read Crazy Bitches R Us: Thoughts on Specific Land Claims.

It's a f**ked-up country we live in when the Contempt Party government can monopolize the news with their scripted "hunt" for alleged war criminals (so why aren't MacKay and Stevie Spiteful on that list then?) yet their ongoing bad faith negotiations with First Nations people and communities are quite absent.


Ward of the State said...

TY for the shout out!

deBeauxOs said...

Allô toi!

I clicked on the link after your blogpost to create the above.

It's strange that it never appeared there but we're in your blogroll so all is good.

Niles said...

Back from powwow, burnt and tired and looking for detox from midway foods.

Word is getting around. I told someone who hadn't heard yet, being busy, as so many are getting things organized for the summer circuit. The subsequent surprise this would be launched like this and the dawning outrage is, I suspect, going to be pretty common.

I wonder of the Conservatives are counting on it being festival season to distract Aboriginal Peoples? I'm not sure I would. A lot of people from different communities are mingling, where they might not the rest of the year.

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