Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mrozek Speaks!

Last Friday, I blogged about the support by Andrea Mrozek of ProWoman ProLife for the vicious, lying, coercive, abusive, violent, and short-eyed Greg Fultz, he of billboard infamy.

Mrozek said he had 'gumption'. She did not do her homework. His apparent 'prolife' stance and typically 'prolife' in-your-face-bitch tactics were good enough for her.

I left some links at her place, which were stoutly ignored by her and her minions. A few other sane people chimed in and the discussion became truly bizarre, with one guy insisting that Gord doesn't make mistakes and that there is no such thing as a 'natural' miscarriage.

Still Mrozek lalalalala-ed, except for a short appearance in the comments here to tut-tut at ck for her complaint that she was banned from PWPL.

Today, Mrozek breaks her silence to tut-tut at everyone.
I deeply regret not noticing how thoroughly out of control comments on this post had gotten. I don’t support the individual who made the billboard. Women have natural miscarriages all the time, and it has nothing to do with abortion.
Comments closed. Everyone gets a time out, in my books, for being perfectly, totally and utterly ridiculous.

No apology for shoddy blogging. Just blaming the commenters.

Gord doesn't make mistakes. And neither do fetus fetishists.


ck said...

Man, she is definitely some piece o work, innit she?

As Dr. Dawg said, if Paul Bernardo were pro-life, she'd probably be writing him luv letters.

Anonymous said...

And now she's claiming if more men were married the Vancouver riot wouldn't have happened. Huh?

fern hill said...

Here's Anonymous's reference.

These fetus fetishists are delusional. Age at first marriage for both men and women has been increasing for decades. But Mrozek thinks all society's ills could be cured if everyone got married young, had a passel of kids, and, you know, settled down.

Turning back the clock is not gonna happen.

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