Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More Harper, More Contempt for Canada

Alison at Creekside: WikiLeaks : US bid to "shore up" Harper from the day he was elected is right on top of the issue.

Also, go read Balbulican at Dawg's Blawg and watch the horrendous grimaces that SunTV's *EriKKa Kristensen* makes as the Ann Coulter clone loses control of her bizarre and rude interrogation of cool, gracious and articulate Margie Gillis.

There's civil disobedience, and then there's grossly incivil, unprofessional behaviour. It's become the trademark of SunTV.

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ck said...

love that Harper blue dress Krissy wears for Fox NEws North. You know what would match with it, really well? Some brown foundation--on her nose!!

That's a good Harpercon little girl! Compassion is measured by money.

I hope Margie Gillis has learned from this--never go on right winged TV or radio, for that matter.

Obviously, what Margie Gillis describes as compassion is foreign to blondie.

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