Monday, 20 June 2011

Josée Verner: One hell of a Sore Loser

It appears
Contempt Party incumbents not re-elected to Parliament on May 2 found a way to punish the electors in their riding.

Many, such as former Con MP and new Senator Josée Verner, shredded the entire content of their file cabinets.

Citizens who experienced problems regarding the provision of services from federal programs or issues with ministries are up shit creek without a paddle. Whatever work was done to advance their complaint has evaporated. In the case of the notoriously indolent Verner however, if her riding and Parliamentary staff followed her example, there probably wasn't much to lose.

(Google translation) More than a month after their election, members of the New Democratic Party are struggling to explain why those they have defeated them did not bother to transfer important files from their constituency.

The current MP for Louis-Saint-Laurent, Alexandrine Latendresse visited the constituency office of former Minister Josee Verner few days after her victory May 2, but ran into closed doors.

When she took possession of House of Commons furniture that had been assigned to Verner, it had been emptied of files and records for the riding's residents.

"There are citizens who have contacted me to tell me they had current cases, so we must start from scratch. It's deplorable that nobody monitors these actions. Riding residents are the losers in this situation," Ms. Latendresse.

Stevie Spiteful trained his Cons well.


Beijing York said...

WOW! That doesn't sound legal. Certainly not accountable. These conbots really do hold contempt for government and citizens.

janfromthebruce said...

And sore losers don't get elected again. Letting constituents know about her behaviour in regards to their welfare shows the riding they made the right decision.

Steve said...

If the roles were reversed it would be a major scandal, remember how the Gore people vandalized the white house, and the Clintons stole furniture.

deBeauxOs said...

Steve, you're full of shit. Those accusations by Karl Rove's people turned out to be big fat LIES.

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