Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It's not gravy, it's ideology

What else explains this idiocy?
Mayor Rob Ford has rejected the province’s offer to hire two public health nurses for Toronto at no cost to the city, drawing rebukes from both the provincial health minister and a loyal council ally.

Ford’s Monday decision marked the second time he has opposed a provincial health initiative that would not have required any city funding. In February, he was the lone dissenter in a 44-1 vote to accept provincial money for an effort to encourage residents to be screened for HIV and syphilis.

One of the nurses would have worked with new immigrants on disease prevention, said Councillor John Filion, chair of the health board. Another would have worked in a poor neighbourhood to promote health services.

Ah jeez, can't be helping those immigrants and poor people, now can we? They'd just get used to the gravy train of, of, of, health care?????
“It’s a bizarre situation, it’s completely unprecedented, and I can only assume it’s based on one of two things: complete ignorance of the facts of the situation, or a deliberate case of using ideology to trample on the most vulnerable in society,” Filion said.

I heard Filion this morning on Metro Morning. When the host asked him if maybe Ford didn't understand, Filion said he'd spent most of yesterday on this and it is not a matter of understanding, it is pure ideology. No government is good government.

Let's revisit Ford's 'thinking' on disease prevention, among other braindead pronoucements, shall we?
Rob Ford on AIDS prevention...

"(AIDS) is very preventable, if you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn't get AIDS probably, that's bottom line." With respect to the increasing rates of women contracting the disease, Ford said; "How are women getting it? Maybe they are sleeping with bisexual men."

People, what did Toronto do to deserve this? Really, what?

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ADDED: Too. Also. Ford will skip the Pride March. Smartypantses on Twitter are saying it's not Teh Gey that's the problem, it's that 'walking' bit.


Beijing York said...

Very dark days ahead. The more Rob Ford gets away with this shit, the more Harper and his conbots will be emboldened.

Pseudz said...

...And as if the political bowel isn't impacted enough . . . Hudak is in the wings.

Fill all your sinks and bathtubs - - if this becomes a 3-level circle-jerk then we'll soon be being charged for water.

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