Thursday, 23 June 2011

Harper's Canada: Asbestos Ist Eine Gute!

Go immediately to Creekside: Canada single-handedly blocks asbestos from Rotterdam hazards list and read Alison's post.

Stevie Spiteful is re-making Canada in line with Contempt Party ideology; a science-denying, greedy and hateful oligarchy.


fern hill said...

And cancer-causing.

Ain't Harper's Canada great?

ck said...

Oh Harperland! My Home and Native Land! True Patriot Love! In all my-I command! With viagara, we see thee rise, the true north, strong and free, for the fat, white men, Oh Harperland! We stomp on those who dis-sent! Gawd keep our land, left-fringe free! Oh Harperland! We stomp on those who dis-sent! Oh Harperland! We stomp on those who dis-sent!

ck said...

Asbestos, given that Stevie Spiteful has voted in the past to keep that crap off the Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention in the past, just think how many of our fellow Canucks must support this, including in my belle province in Chrissy Paradis's riding, in oh little town of Asbestos, named after the crap. After all, they did vote for him (in Megantic-L'Erable, Chrissy).

Like I said in my one of my most recent posts, let's have it reinstalled at Stevie's home and let's install it in Chrissy's home, since they seem to think it's soooo safe.

Bina said...

I say we dump a load of freshly mined chrysotile on the doorstep of 24 Sussex today. If it's so safe, Harpo can eat it. Support the asbestos producers of Canada, eh Stevie?

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