Friday, 10 June 2011

Desperately Wanted: Competent Sculptor

I have some Important Questions for the Canadian media to investigate.

This is supposed to be SHithead? I mean, really. Sculptor could have named it: Generic white guy in suit.

Who decided what colour (Lego) hair to put on it?

Where's the lip gloss? Or is that sold separately?

(I won't even address the stoopitude of the body shape.)

Where were they made?

And the most burning question of all -- who the hell would pay 22 bucks for one.

Inquiring minds want to know.

ADDED: It seems to be the same bobblehead on offer during the election, with all the other leaders, at a local Ottawa soup shop.


Beijing York said...

That's supposed to be Harper? Wow, I thought it was Clinton with a dye job.

j from wpg said...

I think it is a David Cameron head with Harper's name on the base plate.

sassy said...

Not rotund enough and, the face looks far too human to be Harper's.

k'in said...

I kinda get the pencil neck geek head, but where's the "holy maternal health initiative/on the verge of dropping a litter of (scared) kittens" expectant belly?

WILLY said...

They have he head stuck on the wrong end,

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