Wednesday, 11 May 2011

*Vote-splitting* and other sparkly objects.

This bit in today's blogpost from Alison at Creekside: Election 2011 - Vote splitting had me chuckling. She flagged the *money quote* from a recent Inkless Wells item.
How vote-splitting gave the Tories Ontario — and a majority. Apparently the Globe is using its Random Headline Generator again, because the story is about how vote-splitting didn’t give the Tories Ontario or a majority.
Sacré Globbin' Male. Every day brings a new re-jigged sexist slash piece on Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Okay, we get it. It ensures that Blue Grits like this guy keep reading your paper. But really, was she the only poteau elected in elxn41? Ten days after Election Day, are there not urgent issues that require some serious journalism, such as this, or most certainly this? Slight changes? Didn't the Contempt Party campaign on the sacro-sanctity of that budget? Oh. Wait.

Aw, f***it! How can a *news*paper that keeps such over-the-hill hacks like Mags Wente around to keep cranking out her filler and pabulum stay in the game?
"I'm no expert on plagiarism or inadequate attribution, but Wente's practices seem not dissimilar to David Warren's, which the Ontario Press Council found lacking. And amongst academics and teachers whom Wente regularly faults for being soft on plagiarism, some examples from her own work would likely merit a fail. That she gets away with it perhaps indicates the different rules that apply to 'eastern urban elites'."
Supporting the Contempt Party is one tactic; it'll be interesting to see what other creative forms of deck-chair shuffling the Goblin Nail will seize upon.

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