Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Two RWNJs shrieeek about Insite.

Yesterday someone asked on Twitter whether Windy Wente was really a columnist.

Our response was that some have presented evidence Mags is an accomplished plagiarist.

And now, Kay Mère steps forward, also clucking and flapping about Insite.

Who knew those two were twins, separated at birth yet both raised to become insufferable defenders of class entitlement and social privilege? They are classic examples of people who vote for the Contempt Party.

Mark my words, those two will next write anti-feminist screeds defending, fawning over the behaviour of Dominique Strauss-Kahn — with Mags helping herself to heaping sentences of glurge written elsewhere. Whereas Babs will proclaim the whole thing is proof of an international anti semitic plot, thus unwittingly allying herself with the loathsome Ann Coulter. (Click on the link, I'm not sending you to her tweet directly.)

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JJ said...

Well of course, PUNISHMENT works much better to correct deviant "behaviours" like addiction. A daily regimen of 20 lashes with a cane soaked for a week in linseed oil would probably sound about right to Babs, eh? (I hope Tubesock isn't reading this or else by now it's "Cleanup in Aisle Sex, I mean Six!"... yet again.)

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