Tuesday, 17 May 2011

That one hit a nerve.

The leader of the #Contempt Party, the man at the helm of The New Harper Regime©™, does not like being held accountable for past, present or future actions. From here:
Stephen Harper is expected to move quickly to kill the per-vote taxpayer subsidies to political parties in an effort to kill the Liberal Party of Canada, according to a former colleague of the Prime Minister.

“Ever since his days at the [National Citizens Coalition], Stephen talked about eliminating the Liberals as a political force in Canada,” former NCC executive Gerry Nicholls said. “This was both for personal and tactical reasons. He didn’t like Liberals – he always viewed them as biased against Alberta.”
Guy Giorno, the man who is (?) the National Campaign Chairman for the Cons bitched on Twitter:
As a rule of thumb, anyone held out to media as an authority on Prime Minister's current thinking likely doesn't know it
This is very odd. The facts, as laid out in Taber's piece are correct. But it reveals what probably triggered one of Stevie Spiteful's legendary temper tantrums.

How dare Gerry Nicholls be considered an *authority* on SHithead by the media? That is one MASSIVE lèse-majesté.

Time to rewrite the words to this song, I think.

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